The main objective of the AdriaS project is to encourage and develop a systematic interdisciplinary study of archaeological and historical monuments on the east mediterian shipbuilding and navigation. Rich Adriatic maritime history, observed from the standpoint of technological development of wooden shipbuilding, has not systematically studied until recently due to lack of adequate financial resources and a solid methodological basis.
Members Kpa Vodomar Duga Resa are invited to actively participate in the dives of maritime archaeological site at ancient wreck that sank 1583AD hitting the sharp rocks of the island Gnalić and soon sank.
The cargo of this 40 meter vessel consisted of a variety of things intended for trade.

This is one of the most important post medieval shipwreck in the Mediterranean. The recent archival research yielded hundreds of documents that reveal the exciting history of the ship and its rich political, economic, cultural and historical context. Ship was built in Venice in 1569 by Benedetto da Lezze, Lazzaro Mocenigo and Piero Basadonna, then was captured by the famous Ottoman corsair Uluç Ali 1571 ., and sold to Odoardo da Gagliano in Pera (Constantinople) in 1581. Ship sank on Gnalić in early November 1583, it was loaded with precious cargo shipped from Venice to Istanbul. The ship was carrying windows commissioned by Sultan Murad III and expensive gifts from the Venetian senate intended for the sultan’s mother Nur Banu.

Members of dive team were: Daniel Kasunić, Marko Lete and Nikica Spudić. Diving was at a temperature of 22 ° C degrees. Maximum depth was 26.5 m with 30 minutes of the bottom time. Decompression delays were 9m / 1min – 6m / 5min – 3m / 8min in strictly controlled conditions.

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