This weekend was held on 20 consecutive eco action of cleaning the river Mrežnica, which also means that we celebrate 20 years of activity of our club. The number of participants exceeded all expectations we have, total included 151 divers from around the Croatian clubs. The whole event was a charity: under the motto Vodomar for water tower” were collected donations of citizens for the restoration of the Vukovar water tower and collected a total of 1,330.55 HRK voluntary contributions. As additional entertainment, we organized the first world championship in the collection of municipal waste, which is particularly motivated our dear participants who drew an impressive total of 1,708.65 kg of waste! The teams for the first, second and third place won gold, silver and bronze souvenir Vukovar water tower, and for the most unusual piece of waste assigned to the pink copy. Even the Vodomar will contribute by making donations for every kilogram of waste extracted to donate one kuna to rebuild the water tower. Saturday except eco action was filled with food and drinks, and on Sunday was organized rafting and dive.
Many thanks to our friendly clubs who have joined us: UPA Rostrum, Sv. Roko Bibinje, Marsonija, Adriaticro Zagreb, Geronimo, KPA Karlovac, Agramsub, RK Pozega, Sisak, RK Roniti se MOra, Orca, DPS Zagreb, RK Žabac, INA Kostrena. Many thanks KŠR Mrežnica and HGSS to assist in the organization of the event.
And what it looked like, you can see in the album.